Using the right moving company can help mitigate some of the stress that a move can cause. There are a few key things to look for in any moving company you are considering. The right choice in mover will make the whole process easier.

1. License and Insurance 

Professional movers are required to be licensed and insured, but the type of licensing can vary. For example, some are only licensed for local moves, while others have the required paperwork to move items between states (also known as interstate moving). Verify that the companies you are considering are licensed for the type of move you require. This will help you narrow it down to those companies that can best serve your needs.

2. Rate Transparency

Movers bill in different ways. Some charge a flat rate by the hour, while others give personalized quotes based on the size of the job, the difficulty involved, and the distance moved. All rate categories should be published and made available. The quote provided should also clearly show what is the base rate for the move along with an itemized list of additional costs relating to packing materials, specialty transport fees, or any other add-on costs that are a part of your move. It should also be made clear whether the initial contract is binding, which means the rate won't change, or if it's a non-binding agreement where the final transport cost may vary depending on mileage or similar variances.

3. Necessary Add-ons

A variety of different moving services add-ons are available. Make a list of any specific moving needs you have. Examples of such needed add-on services include furniture assembly, packing or unpacking services, provided supplies, or musical instrument moving services. It's easier to narrow down to the right moving company by first finding out which movers provide your needed add-on services.

4. Payment Terms

Payment terms and contracts will vary depending on the mover and whether it's a local or long-distance move. The one rule of thumb is that the majority of the moving fee will be paid upon delivery of your belongings. This means you may need to put down a deposit in an amount that varies by company and service, but the majority of the payment isn't made until your items safely arrive at your new home.

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