Few things can be as devastating as a business fire. It can spread and cause destruction and loss of life in minutes. And you may be left feeling helpless and wondering what you could have done to prevent this. Luckily, you can minimize the effect of fire by fitting fire doors. They act as barricades against smoke and fire, stopping them from spreading and damaging other parts of your premises. However, even the sturdiest fire doors can develop gaps around them, limiting their effectiveness. Here are three reasons your fire doors may develop gaps and how fire door gap fillers can help.

1. Building Settlement

Your commercial building may settle over time as the soil beneath it shrinks. Consequently, your fire doors may become misaligned, creating gaps between the door, floor, or frame. These gaps can provide a pathway for smoke and fire to pass through during a fire outbreak, putting customers and staff at great risk. But worry not. Fire door gap fillers can provide an additional layer of protection by sealing these gaps to prevent fire from wreaking havoc on other parts of your business and buy you time to vacate and call the fire department.

2. Sagging Doors

Fire doors can sag for many reasons, but loose hinges and shifted frames are the most common. Besides being an eyesore, sagging fire doors creates gaps that may expose everyone to fire burns and toxic smoke. You do not want your customers to suffer fire injuries in your commercial building. Fortunately, fire door gap fillers can save the day by preventing smoke and fire from passing through. So, if your fire doors are sagging, and you can see gaps around them, do not hesitate to invest in fire door gap fillers. They could be the deciding factor between survival and death.

3. Floor Replacement

Nothing lasts forever, including your commercial flooring will need. Over time, you may need to replace it to keep your business appealing and professional. However, floor replacement can leave gaps at the bottom of your fire doors, creating a dangerous situation because they can allow the fire to spread quickly. If you want to ensure your door fires are up to the task of keeping everyone in your commercial building safe from smoke and fire, engage an expert to install fire door gap fillers. They will tightly seal the gaps for maximum protection.

Do not let fire ruin your business and injure your customers and staff. Invest in fire door gap fillers to ensure your fire doors are ready to protect lives and property from the devastating effects of fire. This is certainly a small price for the safety and peace of mind you enjoy.