For those convicted of crimes like medical fraud, they aren't allowed back in the medical field. It's important that your organization checks for said individuals and that can be accomplished through monthly OIG exclusion screening. Just make sure you take these precautions when carrying out this type of screening. 

Document Your Screening Practices

Whether you're new to monthly OIG exclusion screenings or have carried them out for quite some time, you always want to document your screening practices. First of all, this allows you to keep concrete records that help you avoid regulatory penalties should your medical practice get investigated. 

You'll also have records that you can go back to any time to see if there are improvements that need to take place with how you carry out monthly OIG exclusion screenings. This approach is pivotal for hiring the best staff possible that don't have past criminal records.

Review Regulatory Criteria

You don't want to carry out monthly OIG exclusion screenings however your medical practice pleases. There are strict regulations in place for how these screenings need to go and you need to find this information out before ever carrying out this important task.

For instance, federal regulations might state that your medical practice needs to screen using certain databases. Or you might have to carry out these screenings at certain intervals. Just find out what's required for your medical practice so that you don't have to fear penalties later on.

Outsource This Screening When Necessary

Your medical practice may choose to carry out monthly OIG exclusion screenings to ensure that no members of your medical staff are on any OIG exclusion lists, but you don't necessarily have to conduct these screenings yourself. There is always the option of outsourcing this screening process.

You might want to do so if you don't have a lot of time on your hands or if your staff is limited. You just need to find a screening provider that's competent with this process, as well as has the right tools to carry everything out in an organized, efficient manner. Then you'll get more value out of these outsourcing services. 

An important task for your medical organization is monthly OIG exclusion screening. If you know what rules to follow early on and use the right resources, your organization won't ever have to struggle with these screenings. They'll be just as routine as other services your medical practice has refined over the years. 

For more information, contact a service near you that provides OIG exclusions monthly screening.