One of the most important advantages of using a courier delivery service for your company's package deliveries is that using such a service minimizes damage to your packages.

The following are six ways that hiring a courier delivery service prevents damage to your company's packages. 

You have more control over the packaging of your fragile items

When you use standard shipping services for deliveries, you might be limited in terms of what containers you can use for packaging. You might also be constrained in terms of how much package cushioning you can fit to protect the items you're having delivered. 

With a courier delivery service, you may have more freedom to work with your service to find a packaging solution that will prevent any damage from occurring during delivery. 

You can communicate directly with the courier service staff who are delivering your packages

You can minimize the chances of damage when you can speak directly with courier service staff. You can give instructions about how packages need to be handled to avoid damage. 

Your packages are being delivered by a service dealing with a lower volume of deliveries

Courier delivery services generally handle a smaller volume of packages than large-scale shipping companies. This makes it possible for them to give more customized service to their clients' needs so that they can focus on avoiding damage for fragile packages. 

Customers can specify exactly how and where your courier delivery service should deliver packages

Packages can become damaged as a result of where they are placed or handled for delivery. They can also become damaged between the time of delivery and the time when the recipient arrives to take the delivery inside. 

When you work with a courier delivery service, you have more control over where courier delivery staff leaves packages and what time they deliver them. By controlling delivery time, you can make sure that your package recipients are present when the item is delivered so that the package isn't left outside.

Delivery mistakes are less likely

Because courier delivery service can give more attention to each package delivery, delivery mistakes are less likely to happen.

Delivery mistakes can increase the chances of damage because packages are sent to the wrong address and need to be sent back to your facility for a second delivery attempt. This leads to increased handling as part of the delivery process and more opportunities for damage to occur. 

You can more easily determine the cause of package damage when it occurs

It can be difficult to determine how packages are getting damaged when they're handled by standard shipping services. When you use courier delivery, your courier service can help you get to the bottom of damage causes so that you can prevent them on future deliveries. 

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