There are so many misconceptions about temporary job staffing services that you may have never used this type of service to fully fill your staffing needs. Once you learn the truth and are better educated on some common misconceptions, you can fill your available positions efficiently by working with a staffing agency. Below are some of the more common myths you may see or hear. 

Misconception: Staffing Agencies Send Unqualified People

One of the common misconceptions about staffing agencies is that they send completely unqualified people to fill positions. A staffing agency will actually assess a person's qualifications by giving them a pre-employment assessment and skills test. The tests can vary from one applicant to another, depending on the type of work they are applying for. 

A couple of examples of the types of tests a person may be given include:

Office skills test - This test may include a typing test, a reading comprehension assessment, a writing assessment, assessments on working with certain programs including Word, Excel, and more. 

Healthcare skills test - Someone who's planning on working in the healthcare field will first need to prove they currently hold the appropriate license or certificate to work in that field, if applicable. They may still need to pass the appropriate assessments and tests for the specific field in which they are looking to work. 

Misconception: Staffing Agencies Send People Who Are Under the Influence

Another misconception is that staffing agencies send out people who abuse drugs and show up to the job under the influence. However, the staffing agencies will give applicants a drug test prior to accepting them. 

Misconception: Staffing Agencies Only Work With Entry Level Candidates

Today's staffing agencies work with candidates with all levels of experience and skillsets. While this does include those who are at the entry level, it also includes candidates at many other levels in all types of industries. Highly qualified candidates can be found through staffing agencies. This is largely due to the agencies having the ability to place them in a job quickly. 

Misconception: Staffing Agencies Only Send Those Who Want Temporary Employment

It is true that some of the people who turn to staffing agencies are only looking for temporary work; however, the majority of candidates are willing to take temporary positions while looking for permanent ones. This can work out great for your business. It allows you to see how a temporary employee fits in and gives you the chance to assess them according to your standards. If you feel they would be a great asset to your company, there is a good chance you could hire them permanently. 


Working with a staffing agency takes a lot of the burden off your company when it comes to filling positions. The staffing agency likely has qualified candidates that can immediately fill many, if not all, of the positions you need to have filled quickly. Contact a temporary job staffing service to learn more.