When you're a real estate agent, the signs that you place in front of homes that you have listed for sale can be instrumental in not only selling those homes but also getting people to call you and potentially start working with you on other buying and selling transactions. A custom sign company can offer all sorts of engaging designs for your signs, which you'll want to catch peoples' attention but also provide a number of pieces of useful information. When it comes to choosing what type of material you want for these signs, you have a few options.


Plastic is a popular choice for real estate yard signs due to the numerous advantages that it provides. As a lightweight material, you might favor this option if you have to constantly load stacks of signs into your vehicle and carry them from your vehicle to clients' lawns around the community. Plastic is fairly resilient, too, which means that you shouldn't expect a sign to sustain damage during regular use. The affordability of plastic yard signs also makes this material a favorable option if you plan to order lots of signs.


Another option for your real estate yard signs is aluminum. It shares many of the same benefits as plastic, including its resistance to moisture. Aluminum signs are more durable than plastic signs, which can make them a good choice in some instances. If you've encountered times in the past that vandals have pulled up your signs and broken them, this behavior would be less likely to occur with aluminum because it's difficult to break. The reflective nature of aluminum can also be desirable, especially after dark. Motorists who drive through a neighborhood will have no trouble noticing and reading an aluminum yard sign, which can be good for your business.


Wood is another material to consider for your real estate yard signs. While it's not as common as plastic and aluminum in this application, your custom sign company can almost certainly produce your signs on this material. Wood has a higher-end look than plastic, which may make it a desirable choice if you want to display a sign on the lawn of a luxury home. Additionally, because many real estate agents use wooden posts to hang their signs, having the sign actually made of wood can provide a visual match. Contact a custom sign manufacturer to learn more about your options for real estate yard signs.