The amount of TV options that consumers have to choose from today is very impressive. It can also be a little bit overwhelming if you haven't searched for a new TV in a long time. Fortunately, there are tricks that will save you time and potential stress.

Look at Different Displays in Real-Time

The display that a new TV offers is what a lot of people care about. This TV feature has certainly grown a lot. Now, there are all sorts of displays that provide different TV experiences. You have displays like plasma, LCD, LED, and OLED, and even supersonic 32 in. D LED widescreen HDTV.

If you're able to view the different displays in real-time — such as at an electronics store — then you'll see exactly how each display differs from one another. Maybe one display is brighter than the rest or there is a display that's easier on your eyes. Seeing them in person makes it a lot easier to get a compatible display that you'll enjoy using for quite a while.

See What Setting Customization is Provided

If you're one of those TV consumers that likes to mess with a bunch of settings to get the perfect picture or audio, then you want to see what sort of setting customization support new TVs can provide. 

How many things can you adjust with a new TV so that you can optimize your viewing and hearing experiences? Again, experiencing the TV in person when looking at new TVs makes it easy to adjust and experiment with settings.

Determine What You Want the New TV to Support

Instead of just looking at all of the new TV options available — either in a store or online — you should refine your search to TVs that suit activities you'll be doing on a consistent basis. 

If you enjoy video games, then you want a TV that has a good refresh rate and a large enough screen to help you see better. Whereas if you're only using the TV for movie experiences, maybe great audio and theatre mode support are more important.

When you start searching for a new TV for the household, you'll quickly come to the realization that there are a lot of options. This is a good thing and to really make the most out of this convenience, go after a TV that undoubtedly can give you the best experiences for whatever activities you'll be enjoying.