If your home has recently been subjected to water damage, such as leaking pipes or flooding in the basement, you may have concerns about mold growing in your house. After further inspection, however, you may not have found any noticeable evidence of fungal growth. 

Even if you have not found any obvious signs of mold in your home, this does not mean that there is no growth present. Look for the following signs that your home may have mold growing where you cannot easily see it.

1.  Odd-colored Stains Forming in the Corners of Your Rooms

One sign for which you can look when trying to ascertain whether or not you have mold growing in unseen space inside of your house is odd-colored stains forming in the corners of your rooms. Unlike typical spots formed when paint or wallpaper comes into contact with water, these stains could range from blackish-brown to orangish-red in color.

If these stains are showing up on your walls, there is a good possibility that they are caused by mold growing on the inside surfaces. As the mold grows and spreads, it releases mycotoxins and other byproducts that not only keep the surface on which it is growing moist but also soften it as well.

2.  Pungent Odor Emanating from Seemingly Nowhere 

Another sign for which you should be on the lookout when trying to determine the presence of mold in your home is a stale odor. This pungent smell may seem to emanate from nowhere in the particular, leaving the air in certain rooms smelling musty, especially in or near the ones affected by the water damage.

As you walk around the rooms, you may notice that the odor becomes stronger as you approach different areas, especially near any odd staining on your walls. However, this differentiation of the strength of the smell does not necessarily serve as a means to locate the mold. It is possible that your HVAC system is circulating the smell throughout your home.

Even if you notice the above signs while looking through and inspecting your home, you may still be uncertain as to whether you have mold growing inside of your home. To find out for sure, contact a business that offers mold testing services to have them come out to your house to check for the presence of spores and let you know how widespread the fungus is growing if any are found during the process.