Contractors looking to experience success in the construction industry need to hire crew members that are responsible and qualified. Finding an experienced crew can mean the difference between a full schedule and bankruptcy for any contractor.

It's important that you are doing your part as an employer to locate the right workers. Use these three tips to help you ensure that you are hiring the best construction workers for any construction jobs that become available on your crew in the future.

1. Write an Effective Ad

Some contractors find their crew members by posting ads in the newspaper and on local job boards. If you are planning to put out an ad to attract candidates for an open position on your crew, you will need to spend some time writing an effective ad.

Be sure that you give careful thought to the job description that you include in the ad. Make the duties and requirements of the position clear, and list your expectations as an employer in the ad. Some of these expectations might include working overtime, passing random drug screenings, or participating in continuing education.

By being clear and transparent in your ad, you will attract candidates who are willing to accept the terms of your job offer.

2. Always Check References

Nearly all employers will ask candidates to provide a list of references, but some employers fail to contact these references before extending a job offer. If you want quality workers on your crew, you need to take the time to check each reference provided by viable candidates.

Calling a past foreman or former contractor for whom the candidate has worked will allow you to uncover vital information that can help you better determine which applicant will be the best fit with your existing crew.

3. Ask for Referrals

One of the best ways to find quality workers to add to your crew is to ask your current employees for referrals.

Most construction workers have had the opportunity to provide services at a number of different job sites. This diverse background means that your crew probably knows the names of several candidates that would be able to complete the duties associated with your job opening.

You will be able to enjoy the added bonus of allowing your workers to feel that they are involved in the hiring process when you ask for referrals, which can make the addition of new crew members go a lot smoother over time.