If you live in a region that experiences tornadoes, you need a storm shelter. If you've decided to install an underground shelter, rethink that decision. Many people think that underground storm shelters are the safest option, but that may not be the case. Above ground storm shelters provide safety and security for your family, without the problems associated with underground shelters. Here are four reasons to choose an above ground shelter for your family.

They Don't Need Excavation

When it comes to building a storm shelter for your family, you need to think about the process. Below-ground storm shelters need extra construction that isn't required for above ground shelters. For instance, underground shelters need excavation and reinforcement of the shelter site. Your above ground shelter requires no excavation. That means the costs are reduced and so is the construction time.

They're Easy to Access

If you have family members with mobility issues, you need a shelter that's easy to access. Narrow passageways and steep stairways can be difficult to navigate during a storm. Above ground storm shelters don't need passageway or stairway entry. Instead, you access your above ground storm shelter from a door that's easy to access from your yard. Once inside, the door closes with an airtight seal.

They Can Be Moved

If you plan to move in the future, you want to know that your next home will be just as secure during a storm. If you've built an underground storm shelter, you'll have to invest in a new one when you move. But, if you've invested in an above ground storm shelter, you can load it up and take it with you when you move. That's because above ground storm shelters are designed so that they can be transported to your new home.

They Won't Flood

If you choose an underground storm shelter, you'll need to include an effective pump system. That's because underground storm shelters can flood during heavy rains. Once an underground storm shelter floods, it can float to the surface, rendering it useless. Not only that but if your shelter floods during a storm, your family won't be as safe as they should be. Luckily, above ground storm shelters are less likely to flood. That means your family will stay safe and dry during the storm.

Don't take chances with the safety of your family. Now that you plan to invest in a storm shelter, choose the right one.

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