Bar codes are a common part of industrial automation and control system integration. Bar codes allow for operations to be carried out as efficiently as possible. The bar codes also allow for products to be tracked more easily and allows for companies to meet demands.

Enterprise Resource Planning

There are many processes that are needed to run a factory. Oftentimes, these processes are run by different software applications. However, with the use of enterprise resource planning, these processes are unified under a single system. This makes the process of running your business much easier and intuitive. However, to run this system, you'll need access to data that can be acquired through the use of bar codes.

The activities of any complex system must be coordinated. It is not possible to coordinate the activities of different components in an efficient manner without the help of bar codes that collect data needed to synchronize operations. 

Line Operator Errors

One of the challenges of industrial automation is line operator errors. A line operator might mislabel a product and the product might then be tracked improperly. However, by using a bar code and scanning it, you'll eliminate the risk of human error.

Equipment Configuration

When configuring equipment, scanning a bar code will allow you to identify the equipment that is being configured. The bar codes allow your factory to track vital statistics and identify incorrect codes.

Product Changeovers

If your company needs to carry out a product changeover, which involves switching from the manufacturing of one product to another, it's easier to complete this process more quickly when using bar codes. 

Data Access

Bar codes make it easier to deliver your enterprise resource planning data to every mobile worker at critical points of activity. The data can be accessed anywhere. By having more intelligence gathered from your bar code data, you'll be able to determine where your production line is breaking down and why. You will be able to connect parts of your operation that are disconnected so that you can improve efficiency. 

Controlling Labels

Bar coding also makes it easier to control the printing out and formatting of labels. With a system integrator, you will be able to manage and control label formats while keeping costs low. 

Pilot Tests and Consultation

System integration services perform operational pilot tests and evaluate the success of the integration of bar codes. You will receive a consultation on the best technologies available to help you meet your goals. 

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