If you are an artist, more channels to sell your art can help you become more recognized and successful. You may sell some art at galleries, online, or at auctions. Once you sell artwork like paintings and prints, each item is going to need to be shipped. You want to make sure that your artwork arrives undamaged after shipping. The following guide will help you with shipping your artwork in tubes without damaging it.

1. Wrapping and Protecting Your Artwork Before Sending It in Shipping Tubes

The first step in preparing to ship your artwork for shipping is wrapping it. You may want to use protective laminates to put the artwork in before shipping. There are also options to spray some materials like prints to protect them during shipping. The better your artwork is wrapped and protected, the less likely it is that it will be damaged during the shipping process.

2. Using Protectors to Prevent Damage to the Corners of Artwork Shipped in Tubes

The corners of your artwork are also vulnerable during shipping. Therefore, you want to make sure that the corners of the pieces are protected before rolling them to pack them in tubes. You can make the corner protectors from cardboard or heavy paper, or you can order plastic or cardboard protectors from packaging suppliers.

3. Using a Packaging Filler to Prevent Artwork From Moving in Its Tube During Shipping

The packaging tubes can also be filled with a material that will prevent movement. This will stop the artwork from being bumped around as it travels during shipment. Try to pack the artwork tightly in the tube to stop the movement. You should be able to shake the package and not hear the contents hitting the sides or ends of the tube.

4. Make Sure to Pack Your Artwork in Quality Shipping Tubes That Will Protect It

It is also important to have quality shipping tubes for sending your artwork. Better tubes will have thicker cardboard walls and tops that are less likely to fall off. This will prevent the tube from being damaged during shipping or the loss of artwork due to tops falling off of the packaging.

These are some of the steps that you will need to take to pack your artwork to send it to buyers in shipping tubes. If you need various sizes of shipping tubes and materials for sending your art, contact a packaging supplier to get what you need.