In a large building, navigation signs throughout the premises are valuable for helping people to get where they want to go. This is especially true if many people who visit your building are doing so for the first time. Find a sign company that specializes in navigation signs, and come up with a list of the navigation signs that you need. Generally, navigation signs consist of several rows of text with corresponding arrows. The text will direct people to key locations throughout the building, such as the reception area, specific departments or rooms, and other similar locations. Before you can order your custom signs, you need to decide where you'll place them. Here are some suggestions.

At The Entrances

One of the most common places to position navigation signs is immediately inside the entrances of your building. When people walk into your building for the first time, their first priority is to determine where to go. An informative navigation sign hanging on the wall within sight of the entrance will allow them to look for their desired destination in the building and then proceed in that direction. Depending on how far their destination is from the door, they may need to use other navigation signs on the walk.

At Hallway Intersections

One of the challenges of navigating a large building is encountering the intersection of two long hallways and deciding which direction to take. It's important that you have navigation signs at as many of these intersections as possible. This is especially true of those that get a large amount of traffic — for example, those that directly connect to the building's lobby area. Navigation signs at your hallway intersections will help visitors to move in the correct direction to find their destination, rather than proceed in the wrong direction and have to retrace their steps.

At The Elevators

It's also valuable to position navigation signs outside of each of the elevators in the building. As soon as a visitor takes the elevator to a different floor, they will need to get their bearings. Knowing whether to turn left or right upon exiting the elevator area will help the visitor to know where to walk. People can often lose their sense of direction upon taking an elevator, so being able to consult a navigation sign in the area will ensure that they stay on course toward their destination.

For more information, contact a signage company.