For parents, keeping their children healthy is often the main goal. However, how many parents ever think about just how well the water from their private well aligns with this goal? The reality is that water contamination is a real issue that affects a number of homes across the country. 


If you live in an older home, there is a possibility that your home's plumbing system is still supported by lead pipes. The greatest danger of these pipes is that small fragments of this material start to chip away over time and settle in the water. Lead can be especially harmful to pregnant women and young children, as it increases the risk of premature birth and poor brain development. 


If you have ever treated the land around the well with a pesticide, there is also a possibility that your water could be contaminated. Some of these chemicals settle into the soil, but some of it just rests on top of the ground. As a result, when it rains, the chemicals run off and can travel into the water well. Pesticides are made of powerful chemicals and are never safe for consumption.


If you have livestock on your property, there is also a risk of bacterial contamination in the water, especially E. coli. Animal waste can behave much like pesticides in that when it rains, the waste is subject to runoff, which can cause it to settle inside the well. This waste contains pathogens that can hinder the function of the immune system, which will leave a child even more susceptible to illness. 

Water Treatment

No one sets out to have contaminated water; it's always the result of an uncontrolled circumstance. However, a water treatment system for your home can keep you protected. When the water travels from the well, it first cycles through the treatment system to remove the above-mentioned waste and pathogens and any other contaminants from the water. So, by the time you turn on the faucet, you know that you are consuming and using treated and safe water. For the best results, make sure you install a whole-home water treatment system to ensure your entire home is protected at all times. 

It's important to have the water in your home tested to determine if it contains any potentially harmful ingredients. After which, an installation professional will be more than happy to assist you with the setup of a water treatment system for your home.