Pictures are usually the only physical reminder we get from our wedding day. So many pieces have to come into place for a wedding to be perfect, but so many details get lost to your memory. If you really want to remember your wedding day, that will mean relying on a wedding photographer that can capture it wonderfully. As you send out save the dates, make sure that you also take the step of finding your photographer.

1. Scan through as many wedding portfolios as you can

You need to dedicate lots of time to feeling your way through the process of hiring a wedding photographer. If you allow yourself this time you will almost surely end up finding the best photographer. Scan through as many wedding portfolios as you can get your hands on or visit on the web. When scrolling through the pictures, have your own wedding in the back of your mind and see if you get the feeling that this photographer can capture the vision you have in your head.

2. Book them far out and pay the deposit

Congrats! You have found the photographer whose work you really love. Don't fall in love or get your hopes up just yet. Wedding photography is some of the biggest money that professional photographers make, so they tend to fill their calendars up with weddings in advance, especially during spring and summer. The second you know who you want to hire, you should reach out and try to get on their calendar. The photographer will charge you a deposit in order to hold the date. This is standard business practice for any photographer that you want to book.

3. Give photo booth services some consideration

Even the greatest photographers can't catch everything. So as not to put that burden or hope on them, consider getting a less formal second camera for your wedding. A photo booth is a wonderful option. It lets all of your guests take turns capturing a moment enjoying your day and wishing you well.

Photo booth companies rent these by the hour in most cases.

4. Plan out your looks and special requests

Help your photographer capture your vision by feeding them any requests that you have. Maybe you want to do a certain pose, or there is a park or landmark that you think would be perfect for wedding pictures. Give them room to be an artist but don't be shy about making suggestions.

Start finding your wedding photographer so you can capture your wedding memories in beautiful photos.